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Roundtable Overview

Business Consulting


The Roundtable is a collaborative venue for entrepreneurs to seek, share and foster ideas to grow their business, overcome challenges, and help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Roundtable Structure

Each Roundtable will include up to 12 members who meet once per month during a four hour strategic meeting.

Participation Requirements

Participation in a Roundtable requires regular monthly attendance.   We also ask for discretion when it comes to the private information and opinions of other participants, and a willingness to offer ideas and solutions to other non-competing business owners in the area.


While relationships are certain to be built, and some ancillary networking activities are likely to take place, the Roundtable is not a networking group, nor an environment to sell or pitch products and services.

Join Us

Visit as a Guest

Contact us via email or call us directly at (512) 383-8353, ext. 101 if you are interested in attending.   Your first meeting as a guest is complimentary.

Since we only seek members who are fully committed to the group, we have a zero-pressure enrollment policy.  You have nothing to fear and absolutely nothing to lose!  So what are you waiting for?  We would love to have you join us.

Becoming a Member

Attendance as a guest is required prior to joining as a member to ensure all guests are a good fit for the group.


In addition to our monthly meeting, some of our members choose to include an allotment of private consulting hours.  This mean our membership rates vary, but they do start as low as $175/month.    Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.