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Operations Support

Ops Support teamDid you start your business because of your passion and expertise in a specific area?  Are you a great programmer, web designer, plummer, photographer, therapist, artist, or inventor? Did you realize that in order to be a successful small business owner, you’d also need to be a great salesperson, accountant, social media manager, legal assistant, negotiator, office manager, customer support specialist, and IT professional?

What many business owners struggle to realize is that it’s not their lack of knowledge, interest or expertise in their core product or service offering that’s keeping their business from growing. It’s their inability to manage all the ancillary activities associated with being a business owner.   Most people simply don’t have the time, resources, or  capacity to be an expert at everything.

That’s why Reliant Consulting Partners plays such a pivotal role in our clients’ businesses. We are, in fact, experts at many of these ancillary activities. Working with one of our operations specialists means you get access to our 20+ years of business operations experience, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.  Serve your clients and grow your business.

Operations Support Packages

Operations Review and Analysis

Are you willing to make the necessary adjustments to your business, but want help identifying the most critical changes that need to be made? Our operations review and analysis might be a perfect fit for you. We’ll spend 8-16 hours per month, over a three-month period, analyzing your business structure, processes, and activities and provide you with a detailed plan to help you optimize your business operations.

SWAT Analysis

A SWAT analysis can be a very effective tool for identifying your company’s position in the industry. SWAT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. While this is certainly an exercise that can be conducted internally, having one of our partners walk you through the process will provide you with an outside perspective of your organization. A SWAT analysis can typically be completed within just a few weeks.

Ongoing Support

There’s always room for improvement in any organization. This is why many companies choose to keep us on a monthly retainer to help them continually manage growth, improve internal processes, and increase productivity.