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Financial Consulting

Financial ConsultingWhat is the hardest part of running a business?

Many business owners would say the first challenge is sales. But a very close second could also be overseeing the company finances. If you’re not a “numbers person,” this is often the most stressful part of running a business.

When you consider all the reasons companies go out of business, financial management remains a leading cause. Here are just some of the challenges:

  • Picking a profitable business model
  • Having an adequate safety net
  • Properly setting prices
  • Controlling cash flow
  • Controlling overhead and expenses
  • Capitalizing on unforeseen opportunities
  • Accurately analyzing financial statements

These are just some of the financial challenges small business owners face. That’s why Reliant Consulting Partners is proud to offer financial oversight to business owners within various industries. It’s our belief that all major decisions should be made with a clear and accurate understanding of the financial consequences in mind. So we act as an impartial sounding board to help owners make the best decisions possible for their business.


Financial Consulting Packages

Financial Review and Analysis

Is your company financially healthy? Let us help you figure it out.  Our financial review and analysis offering is intended to be a one-time engagement to review, analyze and provide feedback regarding the overall financial health of your company.

Quarterly Executive Meeting

You probably have a bookkeeper and a CPA, but are you utilizing the information they’re providing appropriately? We’ll make sure you are. Each quarter, we’ll review your financial statements and hold an on-site executive meeting with your critical decision-makers to help keep everyone focused on profitability.

Ongoing Support

Most of our clients hire us to be a consistent support system in their business. We’ll learn your business, oversee your finances, and help you make well-informed decisions.  We’ll help you control your costs, forecast future expenses, expand at a healthy rate, and most importantly… remain profitable!